Experience Clear Vision: iTear100 Prescription Eye Drops Now Available

Discovering iTear100: Your Path to Natural Tear Production

Are you yearning for a solution to your dry eye discomfort, but want to avoid artificial tears and medications? Look no further! iTear100 presents a remarkable new way to alleviate dry eye, by empowering your body to produce its own natural tears swiftly and seamlessly. Here's how you can embark on your journey towards eye comfort with iTear100.

When it comes to innovating eye care, iTear100 is a game-changer, but first things first talk to your doctor. Engaging in a discussion with a healthcare professional is the initial step to understanding if iTear100 is suitable for your needs. Explain your symptoms, inquire about iTear100, and ask whether it would be an appropriate option for your situation.

When planning for this discussion, take note of the severity of your dry eye symptoms and how they impact your day-to-day life. This information will be essential for your doctor to recommend the best course of action.

During your consultation, highlight that iTear100's leading-edge technology offers a natural, drop-free solution for stimulating tear production. As a patient, you'll benefit from a non-invasive approach that aligns with your body's own capabilities.

Both you and your doctor will appreciate knowing that iTear100 has been FDA cleared, ensuring you're discussing a safe and thoroughly evaluated device.

Prepare a list of questions to maximize your appointment. You might want to ask about how iTear100 works, its safety profile, and how it can be incorporated into your existing treatment plan.

Discover the typical results other patients have experienced, and confirm the process for obtaining a prescription for iTear100.

One practical aspect of acquiring medical devices is understanding the cost. Ask your doctor about the price of iTear100 and whether insurance may cover it. If it's not covered, discuss payment options that work for you.

Knowing the financial aspect upfront will help you make an informed decision without any hidden surprises.

If iTear100 is deemed right for you, the next step is securing a prescription. For those without a prescribing doctor or facing geographical and mobility constraints, telehealth services come to the rescue, offering a convenient and swift route to approval.

Through a telehealth appointment, you can obtain the necessary prescription from the comfort of your home without the need to travel to a physical clinic.

Telehealth appointments are an excellent alternative to traditional in-person visits. To set one up, you can reach out to telehealth providers and schedule a virtual meeting at a time that suits you best.

During the session, replicate the steps you would for an in-person visit: share your symptoms, express interest in iTear100, and heed the professional advice provided by the digital clinician.

Telehealth appointments offer the distinct advantage of reducing wait times and providing access to specialists that might be otherwise unavailable in your area.

By choosing a telehealth provider, you're potentially speeding up the process to get your iTear100 device.

After your telehealth visit, if iTear100 is recommended for you, you'll receive a prescription virtually. Ensure you"ve understood the instructions on how to use the device and ask any lingering questions before concluding the appointment.

This digital prescription is your ticket to accessing iTear100, so keep it secure and ready for the next steps.

Once you have your prescription, it's time to share it with Olympic Ophthalmics . The process is straightforward: simply upload your prescription to pave the way for your order.

The user-friendly online system is designed for ease of use, assuring that your transition to relieving dry eye syndrome is as smooth as possible.

Navigating to the prescription upload section on Olympic Ophthalmics's website, you'll be prompted to enter some basic information and attach an image or scan of your prescription.

Remember to check that all details are clearly legible and that no information is omitted this ensures a fast and error-free verification.

Olympic Ophthalmics values your privacy and has implemented robust security measures to protect your personal and medical information during the upload process.

Rest assured, your data remains confidential and is used solely for the purpose of processing your iTear100 order.

If you encounter any difficulties or have questions while uploading your prescription, do not hesitate to reach out to Olympic Ophthalmics .

Call 650-300-9340 their committed customer service team is ready to assist you every step of the way.

Stop Your Dry Eye Now.

You're here because you have eye irritation or dryness, right? Well, you can stop having that problem. The iTear100 stops your dry eye in just seconds per use, AND you'll need it less as you use it! Click the image above - get relief now, and finally be free of dry eye issues for good!

Stop Your Dry Eye Now.

You're here because you have eye irritation or dryness, right? Well, you can stop having that problem. The iTear100 stops your dry eye in just seconds per use, AND you'll need it less as you use it! Click the image above - get relief now, and finally be free of dry eye issues for good!

With your prescription in hand and uploaded, you're almost at the finish line. It's time to finalize your iTear100 order and take the first step towards long-lasting dry eye relief.

Olympic Ophthalmics makes this last phase user-friendly and swift, ensuring you can commence your dry eye remedy in short order.

Olympic Ophthalmics offers a variety of packages so you can select the one that fits your personal needs best.

Consider whether you'll benefit from additional accessories or supplementary products to enhance your iTear100 experience.

The online checkout process is secure and efficient. Input your payment details, apply any promotional codes if you have them, and confirm your shipping address.

Once your purchase is complete, it's just a matter of days before iTear100 arrives at your doorstep.

After your purchase, Olympic Ophthalmics remains dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.

If you have any concerns or questions after receiving your iTear100 device, simply call 650-300-9340 for personalized assistance.

As you await the arrival of your iTear100, take some time to understand this revolutionary device. [/p]

Developed with cutting-edge technology, iTear100 is designed to work in harmony with your body, activating the external nasal nerve to stimulate natural tear production.

By applying gentle, focused oscillatory energy, iTear100 activates the external nasal nerve. This nerve signal prompts your eyes to produce natural tears, combating the discomfort of dry eyes effectively and rapidly.

Using the device is simple, and it's specifically constructed to be both comfortable and user-friendly.

Substantial clinical trials have validated the effectiveness of iTear100, indicating significant improvements in tear production for those with dry eye conditions.

Knowing that iTear100 is both FDA cleared and clinically proven offers extra peace of mind.

Behind iTear100's invention is Dr. Michael Gertner, a visionary medical expert committed to advancing eye care. His dedication to developing novel therapies has made iTear100 a trusted option in ophthalmology.

With a leadership team experienced in neuromodulation and medical device technology, iTear100 is a product born from a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Preparation is key to making the most of your iTear100 device. Consider where you'll use it most frequently and set aside a clean, comfortable space for your dry eye treatment sessions.

By planning ahead, you ensure that your transition to using iTear100 will be seamless when it arrives.

A designated area for iTear100 use can help integrate the device into your daily routine. Find a spot that's easily accessible and where you can relax during treatment.

Make sure this space is free from clutter and dust to maintain the cleanliness of your iTear100 device.

Upon arrival, carefully read through the iTear100 instruction manual. Understanding the device's proper use is crucial to achieving optimal results and ensuring your comfort during treatment.

If there's anything unclear, Olympic Ophthalmics's customer service can provide clarifications, so don't hesitate to reach out.

Anticipate the relief that comes with natural tear production. iTear100 offers a drug-free, surgery-free solution that's both manageable and efficient.

Imagine saying goodbye to the irritation and discomfort of dry eyes and embracing a newfound sense of eye comfort.

As you begin using iTear100, you'll quickly notice the advantages it brings. Not only is it rapid and pain-free, but iTear100 also promotes a natural way of addressing dry eye syndrome, unlike some other treatments available on the market.

Feel the difference as the iTear100 stimulates your body's own tear production, providing a feeling of eye hydration that's entirely natural.

  • iTear100 versus eye drops: Eye drops may offer temporary relief, but iTear100's stimulation of natural tears provides a longer-lasting solution without the need for continuous application.
  • iTear100 versus medications: Some medications come with potential side effects; iTear100's natural approach sidesteps these concerns, working harmoniously with your body.
  • iTear100 versus surgical options: Surgical interventions can be invasive and require recovery time, while iTear100 offers a gentle, non-invasive alternative with no downtime.

The patented technology within iTear100 represents an exciting leap in the field of eye care a testament to the innovation and forward-thinking approach that Olympic Ophthalmics embodies.

Embrace this advanced solution that enhances your natural ability to alleviate dry eye discomfort.

As you integrate iTear100 into your life, sharing your experience with others can offer hope and guidance to those also struggling with dry eye syndrome.

Your personal success story can be a beacon for others seeking non-conventional, effective relief.

Becoming part of the Olympic Ophthalmics family means accessing a network of individuals who prioritize innovative, non-intrusive eye care solutions. iTear100 is just the beginning of a journey towards eye wellness that Olympic Ophthalmics pledges to support every step of the way.

Your eye health is of utmost importance, and Olympic Ophthalmics is here to ensure that your experience with iTear100 is nothing short of exceptional.

With specialists just a call away, you can access expert advice whenever you have questions or need further guidance on iTear100 usage. Your confidence in the product is significant, so don't hesitate to seek assistance.


Olympic Ophthalmics continues to pioneer advancements in eye care, driven by a mission to address and fulfill unmet needs in the field.

Stay tuned for future developments that will further revolutionize the approach to treating various eye conditions.

Share experiences, tips, and insights by connecting with other iTear100 users. The collective knowledge of the community can be an invaluable resource for maximizing the benefits of your device.

Together, you and fellow iTear100 adopters create a supportive network, uplifted by shared goals of health and wellness.

If you're ready to take control of your dry eye syndrome with iTear100, the steps outlined above will guide you through from conversation to comfortable tears. iTear100 offers an innovative, natural solution you"ve been seeking.

Should you have any inquiries along the way or need assistance with your prescription, don't forget that Olympic Ophthalmics is a phone call away. Reach out whenever you need us. We're committed to providing you with the highest level of customer care.

For more information or to place your order, please call 650-300-9340 . Join us on this remarkable journey towards healthier, happier eyes.

It's time to step away from temporary fixes and embrace a long-term solution with iTear100. Get in touch with your doctor and open up a dialogue about the breakthrough iTear100 device.

Don't let dry eye discomfort hold you back any longer.

If you're without a prescribing doctor, telehealth services streamline your path to iTear100. A few clicks and a virtual appointment could lead you to the relief you deserve.


Leverage the ease of online processes to swiftly upload your prescription and finalize your iTear100 order. Anticipate the arrival of your device, and prepare for the transformative experience that awaits.

Your eyes will thank you for it!